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Bring your family tree to life by exploring and following the paths travelled by your ancestors. Join us virtually and eventually in person in Ireland and you will visit the place your family once called home and learn about the lives they led. Just like John and Kate in the story below, they found their family home and a deep connection to Ireland they never dreamed they could have.

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John & Kate’s Irish Ancestry Story

John spent years researching his family tree. He had put in a huge amount of time, work and effort and it was all very well documented. John first contacted me asking for help, with a thirty page document of work he had already completed. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship that continues to this day.

For a few weeks, we worked together on the finer details as we put the Family Story together.  This became, and rightly so, the most important part of John’s family Story. Records can only bring you so far, there is nothing like getting out and searching physically. I searched for connections and stories in the locality of County Laois where his ancestors came from. I searched for information like, where they lived, where they socialized, where they worked, and most importantly, Why did they go?

I traced his family to the village of Ballinakill, a very prominent town in county Laois (Queens County, at the time) in the midlands of Ireland when his family lived there. It is very picturesque village and it was fabulous to show it off to them.

Kate, John, Karen and Mike, together in John’s ancestral Family Home

Lots of phone calls and visits were made around the area. John knew I had found Ballinakill and Headen’s pub, where his ancestors went for a pint two hundred years earlier, it’s still going and going very strong! So that was a definite visit. However, until he arrived in Ireland, he knew nothing of the family homestead. I kept that quiet until we met.

John, his wife Kate and their friends Mike and Karen were coming to Ireland on vacation when we would meet and show what had been found. The day finally came and the four arrived, we hugged like old friends and I remember saying to John, I found it and he said found what, I said the house, I found their home. He just looked at me. It was so emotional. We drove to the site chatting about the house, their neighbours how much land the family once farmed, what size house and who lives there now.

On arrival we met the new owner, Síle and we all exchanged lots of chats about the area and John’s family. Then we crossed two fields and we saw it. A two storey abandoned house, no roof, doors or windows, but a fine house.

You wonder why they left such a house behind and yet they did. The nineteenth century was a tough time in Ireland and a lot of people left. John’s family, parents and eight children crossed the Atlantic into the unknown, heading for a life in The United States. It was a very proud and emotional day for John and Kate. Of course the visit included a trip to Headen’s pub where John pulled a few pints of Guinness in the very place where his ancestors once partied.

The final surprise for John. This is a photo of the local postman in Ballinakill who passed away in 1969. John and Mr. Cullen never met and John didn’t know he existed till that day. You definitely cannot deny the connection…… John has more work to do !!!!

Since our visit Síle has built her garden wall and named her new house after John’s family. A beautiful tribute!