Have you been the target of an April Fools joke?

Ever wonder where the whole idea came from?

What was the best ever April Fools Day prank you ever heard of or seen?

Even though it is a day that has been observed for centuries, no one really knows for sure where April Fools Day originated, but there are a few varying opinions out there.

One theory is it resembles an ancient Roman religious festival called Hilaria which took place between March 25th and 31st, some of the festivities are similar to our April Fools Day.

In 1564 in France they changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Previously, Easter was the first day of the new year and it changed to 1st January.  Those who continued to operate in the ‘old calendar’ became the target of jokes and were known as April Fools.

All this shows is April Fools day goes back a long way and is one of the few festivals that didn’t originate in Ireland……. Although, you never know.

Having said all this I think everyone would agree April Fools Day has taken on a new dimension in the modern world and it’s so easy to use digital media to spread stories and to make your prank look so realistic.

My favourite April Fools Day joke has to be in 1976 when Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore spoke on BBC radio and said the alignment of planets Jupiter and Pluto would reduce the Earth’s gravity at exactly 9:47 am. He told everyone to jump at exactly that time to experience the ‘Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect’. And apparently people did.

Could you get away with that today?

Are you embracing your April Fool today?

Trudy Experiencing Ireland